Industry Specification Group (ISG) Augmented Reality Framework (ARF)

We are developing a framework for the interoperability of Augmented Reality applications and services that specifies relevant components and interfaces. Augmented Reality (AR) is the ability to mix in real-time spatially-registered digital content with the real world surrounding the user.

The development of a modular architecture will allow components from different providers to interoperate through the defined interfaces. Transparent and reliable interworking between different AR components is key to the successful roll-out and wide adoption of AR applications and services.

The availability of an interoperability framework for AR:

  • will encourage an ecosystem with a diverse range of solution providers including smaller players, new entrants and academics;
  • will prevent market fragmentation and vertical siloes;
  • will enable providers to offer part(s) of an overall AR solution;

and will give end-users confidence to invest in future proof AR solutions knowing that they can swap technology as and when the need arises.

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