There are two paths to get involved in ETSI's Industry Specification Groups: as an ETSI member, or as a direct participant.

Check with our ISG support team if your organization is already a member or participant.

Get involved as an ETSI member

ETSI members have full access to ISG documents on the ETSI Portal. To take part in ISG meetings, ETSI members can simply register for the meeting and/or sign up via the mailing list. 

In doing this, they agree to the ISG's operating rules which in some cases, such as voting rights, are different from those in ETSI's Technical Working Procedures. These deviations are mentioned on the portal page of the ISG.

Get involved as an ISG Participant

Organizations who are not members of ETSI may still participate in the ISG, attend meetings, subscribe to the e-mail lists and help build the specifications by making technical contributions. They do not have voting rights and must pay a participation fee per person per meeting day to attend ISG meetings. To get involved as a Participant, you need to sign the ISG Participant Agreement. In signing this agreement, organizations agree to be bound by the ETSI IPR Policy.

For any help please don't hesitate to contact the ISG support team.