Artificial Intelligence (AI) is accelerating the digital transformation and ETSI is at the heart of digital. Design and implementation of AI is developing rapidly in many sectors of the market. ETSI develops globally recognized ICT standards with direct impacts on Industry, SMEs, Academia, Citizens, and Public Institutions.

The ETSI community has a strong interest in AI as a “tool”: in architectural models, to enhance Information/data models, to redesign operational processes, to increase solution interoperability, and for data management for new ICT standards.

ETSI specifications as well as workshops, webinars, guides and White Paper #34 Artificial Intelligence and future directions for ETSI can offer practical support to the introduction of AI into many areas.

The use of AI in ICT is considered to be a game changer, because it enables new business cases that take ICT beyond pure connectivity, supporting new services with added value and efficient operation. In the current crisis period of a health pandemic, ICT enhanced with AI can provide robust and sustainable logistics, as well as connectivity to citizens, and support to the health care sector (medicine development, medical knowledge sharing and disease spread monitoring, personal-distancing monitoring).

Our Roles & Activities

The Operational Co-ordination Group on Artificial Intelligence (OCG AI) acts as a coordination group for the standardization activities related to AI that are handled in the technical bodies, committees and ISGs of ETSI.


A full list of related specifications in the public domain is accessible via the standards search.