Highlighting ETSI’s lead as the premier body for education and awareness in ICT standardization – and continuing our role in encouraging the new generation of standards people – we developed a second edition of our successful textbook and further teaching materials.

Understanding ICT Standardization’ has been drafted by university experts in Europe, with content structured to allow modules to be readily used in engineering, business, and law courses. The new edition also meets latest accessibility requirements.

The first edition has already had more than 1 000 downloads, and the accompanying slide set has been used by over 40 European universities.

The teaching materials are targeted at third-level education, primarily for students of engineering or scientific subjects. The materials are modular in structure, and some modules may be of relevance to students of business, management, innovation, and legal subjects.

Topics covered include:

  • Standardization basics
  • The standards ecosystem
  • The production of standards
  • Standardization and innovation
  • A Strategic perspective on standardization
  • A business perspective: Standardization and intellectual property rights (IPR)
  • The economic benefits of standards

More about standardization education

See article about Teaching standards in the digital world in Enjeux numeriques No. 6

If you want more information on the ETSI Education about Standardization activities please contact EducationAboutStandards@etsi.org.