Activity report 2018-2019

Industry Specification Group (ISG) Augmented Reality Framework (ARF)

Chair: Muriel Deschanel, b<>com

Responsible for defining an interoperability framework for Augmented Reality (AR) applications and services, enabling players in the chain to offer part of an overall AR solution and thus avoid market fragmentation.

ETSI’s Industry Specification Group on Augmented Reality Framework (ISG ARF) is defining a framework for the interoperability of Augmented Reality (AR) applications and services. This framework will define an overall functional architecture, identify key components and interfaces. Its development will allow components from different providers to interoperate through the defined interfaces. This will in turn avoid the creation of vertical silos and market fragmentation, and enable players in the eco-system to offer part(s) of an overall AR solution.

The group’s membership grew rapidly in 2018, increasing from four to eighteen members by the end of the year. Activity during the year was structured around three work items.

The first item analyzes the standards landscape, identifying the role of existing standards relevant to augmented reality from various standards setting organizations and industry fora. This is the first deliverable produced by the group and is due to be published in spring 2019.

The second seeks a deeper understanding of typical AR use cases with an initial focus on industry 4.0. This was supported during spring 2018 with an online survey to collect insights into the planned uses for – and challenges faced by – this emerging technology. Full findings of the survey will form the basis of a report due to be published in 2019.

Our third work item considers a modular reference architecture that will form the basis of the interoperability framework.

In 2018 two well-attended workshops were organized in Berlin and Paris to collect requirements from industry and gain initial feedback on the proposed framework.

ISG ARF seeks to partner with other consortia and standards organizations to focus on complementary work areas and promote the development of interoperable AR applications and services. In 2018, ISG ARF entered into a partnership with The AREA. ETSI existing agreements also enable the group to liaise with ETSI Industry Specification Group MEC (Multi-Edge Computing), ISO/IEC MPEG, 3GPP and GSMA which have ongoing work relevant to the activity of the ISG ARF.

Look out for in 2019:

  • Group Report on Augmented Reality standards landscape, including an analysis of standardization work around AR in various standards setting organizations.
  • Group Report on Augmented Reality Framework, documenting and classifying industrial use cases for AR applications and services.
  • Group Specification on framework architecture for industrial AR applications and services.