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are those with the potential within the          These technologies are a major enabler
            next few years to impact significantly the       for innovation and for providing intelligent
            environment in which ETSI operates. New          technology features to other areas and on all
            developments, such as 5G, will enable            levels. Stable and secure connectivity is critical
            automating the world through real time           for a successful deployment of virtualization
            processing and control capabilities, where       and cloud technologies and related services.
            connectivity will require guaranteed quality     Different forms of these technologies facilitate
            of service in terms of for example latency and   new applications and new ways of realizing
            reliability for critical sectors’ needs.         ICT functionality. ICT standards significantly
                                                             contribute to achieving interoperability as well
            Digital solutions will have to bring the required   as portability of data.
            trust to safely enable IoT industries for
            innovative services using security “by-design”   Security and Privacy – The need to address
            principles, enabling virtualization and Cloud    the security and privacy aspects of the systems
            innovation. ICT standards based solutions will   with which people interact, or depend upon, is
            be essential here to bring economies of scale.   recognized as extremely important.
                                                             Multi-user digital systems are especially
                                                             vulnerable to security breaches if inadequately
                                                             protected, as are the personal data processed
                                                             by these systems.

                                                             On the other hand, information communicated
                                                             or stored in digital form can readily be secured
                                                             using advanced cryptographic and other
                                                             multiple cybersecurity techniques that provide
                                                             appropriate levels of security and privacy
                                                             protection, despite the ever-evolving threat
            Examples of trends having significant impact to
            the environment in which ETSI operates are:      There is a growing trend to require this privacy
                                                             and security “by-design” in digital products,
            Roles of hardware and software – The             services and systems in order to mitigate the
            respective roles of hardware and software in     risk, and such techniques must be supported
            digital and ICT products are evolving. Hardware   and promoted by the standards community.
            becomes generic and cost-effective; software     This effort will become even more important
            is bringing the value added to an increasing     in the pervasive worlds of IoT, 5G, virtualized
            range of products and services.                  networks and clouds, where systems should
                                                             support applicable privacy and security
            Through the availability of tailored software    obligations and regulations.
            comes speed of technology and product
            introduction, innovation and differentiation,    Open Innovation and Collaboration – Open
            resulting in new ways and shorter time of        innovation is a major trend in technology
            bringing products to market. Standardization     development. Working across traditional
            will continue to adapt to this new pace and      borders, for example with open source
            wide range of software developments.             communities and foundations, leads to a high
                                                             acceleration in the development of new and
            Virtualization and Clouds – This is a new        innovative digital technologies.
            paradigm allowing for optimizing resources
            and making use of resource intensive             Open Platforms are being created for providing
            computation regardless of locally available      an open and reliable basis on top of which
            resources in computing power.                    competitive differentiation takes place on the
                                                             level of implementation and service offerings.

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