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4. ETSI’s Strategic Position

            ETSI is underpinned by a number of basic principles that constitute

            its core and from which its strategy and activities stem. These
            principles are:

                  ETSI’s fundamental values with regard            ETSI produces technical standards aimed
                to the work it undertakes are timeliness,        at being adopted by the most competitive
                quality and responsiveness to market             markets
                needs                                              ETSI promotes the adoption of its technical

                  ETSI is inclusive with a global membership     standards worldwide for the benefit of its
                representing a wide range of stakeholders,       members’ competitiveness
                a global network of partnerships and               ETSI, in its role as an ESO, provides
                a consensus approach in its working              technical standards supporting EU
                methods                                          regulatory requirements and policy
                  ETSI is fully compliant with WTO/TBT             ETSI produces technical standards that use
                provisions and EU Regulation (EU)                spectrum effectively, minimize interference
                1025/2012                                        and avoid undesirable
                  ETSI works across all sectors of industry      effects, in accord with appropriate
                and society that make, use or rely on ICT        regulatory frameworks
                  ETSI works at the forefront of developing
                and emerging technologies


                             ETSI is a leading standardization organization for
                             Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

                             standards fulfilling European and global market needs


                             To provide the platforms where interested parties come
                             together and collaborate on the production of standards

                             for Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
                             systems and services that are used globally

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