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Being Versatile

            ETSI is versatile in the methods it uses to      ETSI adapts to the industry trend to support
            create ICT standards.                            the creation and maintenance of test suites
                                                             and reference implementations as a method of
            ETSI innovates in its working methods,           defining standards and verifying compliance.
            creating room for wide participation,
            innovation, time-to-deployment and global        ETSI has a flexible structure of technical bodies
            acceptance of ETSI standards.                    that enable the timely creation of standards by
                                                             whatever technical methods are appropriate
            ETSI produces technical standards and            to the task at hand. There is participation in
            material to support compliance testing.          the standardization process from organizations
                                                             that have expertise to bring to the work,
            ETSI promotes and supports the development       including where appropriate organizations that
            and implementation of leading-edge standards     are not ETSI members.
            for the digital transformation of economies
            and societies.                                   ETSI will, where appropriate, adapt to the
                                                             industry trend and work in synergy with
                                                             developer communities to support the
                                                             creation and maintenance of test suites and
                                                             tools, additional standards-related software
                                                             materials, and reference implementations.

                                                             This will accelerate standards definition,
                                                             foster adoption and dissemination, lower
                                                             implementation costs and help verify

                                                             ETSI will continue to evolve and enhance its
                                                             governance and flexible ways of working to
                                                             meet its members’ needs, without sacrificing
                                                             the solidity and stability that help build trust
                                                             and confidence.

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