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Being Inclusive

            ETSI supports an appropriate representation      further develop those, ETSI liaises with and
            and effective participation of all relevant      invites actors from other sectors to work
            stakeholders and has a continuous dialogue       together in a coordinated effort to understand
            among the members to ensure that their           and incorporate sectors’ needs in ETSI
            needs are taken into account and that its        standards.
            processes are open and inclusive.

            ETSI is committed to attract, retain and
            engage all members in its work: large and
            small companies and research organizations,
            as well as other business, consumer, societal
            and environmental stakeholders. It promotes
            participation of SMEs and start-ups in
            standards-setting as a way to boost their
            competitiveness and access to markets.

            ETSI produces technical standards to enable
            the automation of the world around us. To

            6. Strategy Implementation

            The Long-Term Strategy will be supplemented by a plan outlining
            actions to implement the identified strategic objectives and major

            goals for ETSI. The strategic plan shall be subject to regular review
            and endorsement by the ETSI General Assembly.

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