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5. ETSI’s Strategic Objectives

            ETSI aims to maintain and strengthen its strategic position

            through a number of Key Strategic Objectives, each defining
            a major goal for ETSI. Together, they define ETSI’s direction of
            travel and the developments underpinning these key strategic

            objectives outline where ETSI is on the journey to reach its goals
            and the expected major stages of that journey.

            Being at the Heart of Digital

            ETSI provides a platform through which its       ETSI leverages on its global membership,
            membership can be at the vanguard of global      partnerships and liaisons, including
            standards in ICT.                                collaboration with other standards setting
                                                             organizations, to broaden its portfolio
            ETSI is the preferred point of call for ICT      and engage with different market sectors,
            related standardization, positioned for          understanding and sharing their needs,
            international adoption.                          concerns and methods.

            ETSI enables a comprehensive end-to-end          ETSI is a preferred ICT standards partner of the
            vision of ICT architectures and technologies.    European Commission and is recognized by the
                                                             European Union as an ESO.
            ETSI in drafting standards has a close
            cooperation with European spectrum               ETSI engages and works closely with academia,
            authorities, ITU and global spectrum allocation   research and innovation communities to stay
            discussions with the aim of maximizing the       at the forefront of technology.
            efficient use of the finite spectrum resource.
                                                             ETSI establishes effective liaisons with open
            ETSI will continue assessing its ways of         source foundations and communities, and
            working to further explore concepts such         makes efficient use of open source to the
            as flexible spectrum and dynamic spectrum        benefit of ETSI’s members and to further the
            access to enable standards addressing the        global adoption of ETSI standards.
            ever-increasing demand for use of spectrum.

            Being an Enabler of Standards

            ETSI provides support and a range of tools       ETSI is the place where its members come
            to enable the identification of the needs        to debate and exchange ideas about the
            and requirements for standards and their         development and use of technology of central
            production and adoption.                         importance to their success. It also facilitates

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