Industry Specification Group (ISG) TeraHertz (THz)

ETSI Industry Specification Group (ISG) THz provides the opportunity for ETSI members to share their pre-standardization efforts on THz technology resulting from various collaborative research projects and being extended with relevant global initiatives, towards paving the way for future standardization of the THz technology.

The group concentrates on establishing the technical foundation for the development and standardization of THz communications (0.1 - 10 THz).

The scope of the ISG THz contains the definition of target scenarios and frequency bands of interest; the analysis of specific radio propagation aspects for THz communication, such as molecular absorption, effect of micro-mobility, specific considerations for scattering, reflections, and diffractions, and considerations for near-field propagation; the analysis of data from earlier measurement campaigns published in relevant literature; the performance of channel measurements for the selected scenarios and frequency bands; the development of channel models for the selected scenarios and frequency bands; the establishment of baseline for THz technology fundamentals, including antenna assumptions, simulation assumptions, and deployment strategies.

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