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We are committed to the creation of a technical standards-based market for health. It will promote a climate of innovation, underpinned by technical standards to ensure interoperability, efficiency, security, privacy and safety in the provision of health services worldwide.

The concept of e-Health has already assumed a sharp, economic and political profile.

Global health care can only be improved and maintained cost-effectively by the practical application of technology and particularly of communications technology. Innovation is essential, as is access to this profitable market by new developers.

Technical standards offer an effective way to ensure the level of excellence which we have all come to expect in our new age of patient-centric, medical care.

Stakeholders concerned include: Government and Private Health Services and System Providers; Regulators and State Organisations; Medical Practitioners of all levels and specialities; Medical Insurance Bodies and Financial Investors; Manufacturers of medical equipment and their Scientific Research Communities; the Communications / Telecoms industry and their Service Providers. The list is long, and includes finally, our End-User, the Patients, that is to say - ourselves.

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