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Executive                            ETSI IoT-M2M workshop:

       Viewpoint Series                     Approaching a Smarter World

       Continued (from page 8)              By 2020 each person is expected to   and a one-day tutorial on oneM2M for
                                            have an average of 4 connected devices.   developers. The workshop also offered
       Jim Nolan, EVP,                      Digitization of the world is not a dream,   the opportunity to view oneM2M
       InterDigital Solutions               it’s already happening for many of   showcases: multi-party demonstrations
                                            us. This new reality lay behind the   of oneM2M in action, showing
                                            discussions at the ETSI IoT and M2M   commercially available products and
        “We see oneM2M as the               workshop, which took place from 15 to   currently deployed services covering
        broadest standard for the           17 November 2016. This event focused   a cross section of IoT application
        services that enable IoT            on the smart world and especially    domains including smart city, smart
        applications.”                      on smart cities. The workshop was    living, eHealth, smart metering, energy
                                            preceded by a half-day session “When   efficiency and home automation,
                                            Standards Support Policies: the case   all based upon oneM2M Release 2
       Q. What advice would you give to     of IoT and the digitization of industry”,   specifications.
       companies that are deploying IoT
       services and solutions?                                                   The European Commission outlined
       JN The IoT is still a nascent market.                                     its European urban platform initiatives
       The ability to spin up a new solution                                     which address the needs of cities. It
       can be quite daunting; there is a lot                                     highlighted the need for an open
       of effort involved in integrating a                                       common reference architecture for
       complete solution especially if you                                       IoT, enabling the integration of the
       have to deal with legacy systems. My                                      different vertical services present in the
       advice to companies is to look at                                         city. In addition to oneM2M and ETSI
       standards-based solutions where you                                       SmartM2M standardization activities,
       have an eco-system of multiple solution                                   ETSI has also created a working group
       providers. This gives you multi-vendor                                    on sustainable digital multiservice cities.
       interoperability and supplier choice                                      Presentations in the smart city track
       over the long haul.                                                       introduced real life implementations
                                                                                 from the city of Bordeaux in France,
       The oneM2M Executive Viewpoint Series features                            Murcia in Spain, Greenwich in the UK
       business insights from senior executives in                               and several towns in Korea. These
       companies that are commercializing products and
       services based on the oneM2M standard. For more                           cities highlighted the need for technical
       information, including how to join and participate in                     expertise and advice on the selection
       oneM2M, see                                               and use of standards, in addition to
                                                                                 funding to initiate smart cities projects.

                                                                                 Beyond smart cities, several business
                                                                                 areas were introduced, including
                                                                                 appliances, energy, buildings,
         India M2M + iot Forum 2017                                              transportation, e-health, industry and
                                                                                 agriculture. The audience discovered
                                                                                 how far ICT was already integrated into
                                                                                 some domains with smart appliances
                                                                                 and smart farming systems already on
                                                                                 the market. The latest developments
                                                                                 in oneM2M Release 2 were presented
                                                                                 with a particular focus on support for
                                                                                 security and semantic interoperability,
                                                                                 essential to enable full information
                                                                                 sharing among these diverse sectors.
                                                                                 The workshop ended with a panel
                                                                                 discussion on the challenges for IoT
         6–7 March 2017, New Delhi, India                                        and M2M standards, following an
                                                                                 EC-funded study on the standards
         ETSI is pleased to endorse the India M2M + iot Forum which aims to      landscape and a gap analysis for
                                                                                 IoT European Large Scale Pilot (LSP)
         highlight India as the ‘Manufacturing Hub’ for the M2M + iot industry   projects. The discussion concluded
         where a wide range of high-quality and high-end engineering             that the emergence of IoT ecosystems
         products, services and solutions could be sourced by the companies,     needs a standardized architecture
         organizations and governments of the nation and the world.              which offers integration of advanced
                                                                                 IoT technologies and interoperability
         For more information, visit:               across IoT domains and applications,
                                                                                 features which have been developed
                                                                                 into oneM2M. The IoT can exist only
                                                                                 when information exchange among
                                                                                 different solutions and business areas
                                                                                 is enabled.

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