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Voice of an SME! One small company’s experience of ETSI

       Francois Ambrosini, of IBIT Ambrosini UG, talks about his Work in ETSI TC RRS and TC CYBER

        “I think it is appropriate to say that ETSI is among the most – if not the most – SME-friendly
        standardization organizations globally”

       Q. You’re a (very) small business owner/  computing and memory resources
       operator, yet an ETSI member and     which are then mapped to the specific
       active in at least two ETSI committees.   hardware and software capabilities
       How did you come to hear about ETSI,   provided by a given reconfigurable
       and what are you trying to achieve by   radio platform. A set of interfaces are
       being involved in ETSI?              standardized to expose radio services
                                            to upper layers (such as the network
       FA I first came to know about ETSI via   layer), expose the radio platform to
       the DVB Project when I was dealing   radio applications, and manage radio
       with the standardization of mobile TV   applications. The complete framework
       systems a bit longer than ten years   allows for a radio application ecosystem,
       ago. The need to get acquainted with   yet gives manufacturers full flexibility in
       3GPP specifications quickly followed.   deciding to which extent their platform
       Since then, ETSI regularly showed up   should be opened to third-party
       in searches related to various topics of   developers. For further details, I would
       interest.                            recommend to start with the ETSI
                                            webinar recorded by key contributors
       My activities involve counselling and   in TC RRS:
       being active in standardization. One
       of my objectives in ETSI is to identify   In my opinion, radio reconfigurability
       gaps in standards for the benefit of my   for mobile devices will bring several
       customers - who could then decide    benefits. Firstly, for the consumer, the   mechanisms to protect the integrity of
       to start a standardization effort - or   lifetime of devices would increase as   radio applications during distribution
       to leverage my flexibility in order to   their radio is updated to the latest   and make sure that only authorized
       progress a specific work item that I   access technologies. Secondly, it would   parties can install them on devices.
       would anticipate to be useful in the   become possible to quickly deploy new   A key feature of the Software
       future. The work on access control   systems with an existing radio access   Reconfiguration Framework for Mobile
       currently undertaken in TC CYBER is an   technology and transition to a more   Devices is its native support for the
       example.                             appropriate one when it becomes      legal framework set by the Radio
                                            available. Thirdly, the reconfigurability   Equipment Directive of the European
       Q. You are also active in TC RRS,    of the mobile devices means that the   Union. The security model provides
       which is looking at very advanced    network becomes fully mutable: the   mechanisms for the manufacturer
       technologies, and where interesting   radio service can be seen as a virtual   to ensure that the radio equipment
       scenarios are being developed. Can you   network function, the mobile device   remains compliant with the essential
       tell us some more about them?        as a special kind of virtualization   requirements of the directive
                                            platform – not only for radio, actually.
        “Two notable technologies           This positions the technology as a key   after a reconfiguration has taken
                                                                                 place, prevents falsification of the
        developed in TC RRS                 enabler for 5G.                      Declaration of Conformity as well as
        are Licensed Shared                                                      installation of non-compliant radio
        Access and the Software             Lastly, security updates have de-facto   applications, and supports regulators
        Reconfiguration Framework           become a mandatory practice          in their market surveillance and
                                            and having a standardized update
        for Mobile Devices”                 mechanism for the radio is a positive   disturbance control activities. These
                                                                                 mechanisms are further extended
                                            aspect. Radio chipsets have computing
       FA From my point of view, two notable   capabilities and as such their security   to ensure the overall integrity and
       technologies developed in TC RRS     must be taken care of.               trustworthiness of the reconfigurable
       are Licensed Shared Access and the                                        radio platform, as well as the
       Software Reconfiguration Framework   Q. In TC RRS, you are looking at security   confidentiality of key assets.
       for Mobile Devices. The later has    of reconfigurable radios – what are the
       a particularly strong potential as it   issues here?                      Long-term security support for all
       enables powerful and energy-efficient                                     sorts of connected devices is one of
       software defined radio on mobile or   FA We are actually two experts,     the challenges that the IT industry
       embedded terminals.                  with Scott Cadzow from Cadzow        is facing – which is exacerbated by
                                            Communications Consulting, who       the framework’s ability to extend
       In a nutshell, this efficiency is achieved   is well known across ETSI’s security   the device lifetime. There is a good
       by implementing radio applications as a   work in TETRA, TC CYBER and other   opportunity to tackle this problem in TC
       combination of software and hardware   technical bodies. The first objective is   RRS for the radio applications.
       components. TC RRS defined a data    to ensure that the introduction of radio   Scott Cadzow and I have recorded
       model for the abstract representation   reconfigurability does not jeopardize   a webinar introducing the security
       of radio applications as a set of    the security of the device. This requires   model:

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