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ETSI Awards Three ETSI Fellowships

       Award Granted for Outstanding Contribution to ETSI’s Work

       On 29 November, during the 68th      Oliver Wheaton was the founding      the head of the UK delegation in ETSI’s
       General Assembly, ETSI awarded       chairman of TC ERM from 1997 to      General Assembly.
       three ETSI Fellowship awards to Alain   2005. During this time it grew to be
       Maloberti, Francisco da Silva and    one of the largest technical committees   The ETSI Fellowship programme
       Oliver Wheaton. All three received   in ETSI in terms of participation and   rewards individuals who have made
       their awards in recognition of their   workload. He was instrumental in   an outstanding personal contribution
       outstanding contribution to the work   leading the group in drafting some of   to ETSI, to building the work of ETSI, or
       of ETSI.                             the most important ETSI standards,   raising its reputation in specific sectors
                                            including those related to the R&TTE   of standardization. Any individual
       Alain Maloberti has been intensively   Directive, which continues to have   representative of an ETSI member
       involved in the research, development   a huge impact on the regulatory   may propose a candidate for an ETSI
       and standardization activities of the   environment today. Oliver was the   Fellowship. Fellowships are awarded
       GSM system since the mid-80’s and has   Deputy Director for Mobile Services in   each year by an Award Committee
       contributed heavily to standardization   the UK Radiocommunications Agency   composed of the ETSI General
       bodies. In ETSI he chaired the SMG2   (RA). He has taken the lead for ETSI in   Assembly chairman and vice-chairmen,
       group, in charge of the radio aspects   GRSC, and has led for the UK in ETSI’s   the ETSI Board chairman and the ETSI
       of GSM for 10 years. In addition, he   Technical Assembly and is currently   Director General.
       chaired the UMTS group preparing 3G
       standardization from 1990 to 1992.
       Alain Maloberti was active in promoting
       the GSM solution outside of Europe
       and therefore has contributed to a true
       global adoption of the standard. He
       is currently Senior Vice-President at
       Orange Labs Networks.

       Francisco da Silva was influential in
       the CEPT committee that triggered the
       establishment of ETSI, as well as e.g in
       the CEPT group that determined the
       relative allocation of responsibilities on
       Radio spectrum matters between CEPT
       and ETSI. He was the chairman of ETSI
       General Assembly from 1998 to 2002
       and chairman of the ETSI Board from
       2002 to 2008. He continues to be active
       in the technical standardization work of
       ETSI and is a member of the Board of
       ETSI. He is currently Senior Counselor
       for standardization and Technical
       Regulation at Huawei Sweden.

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