Industry Specification Group (ISG) Integrated Sensing And Communications (ISAC)

ETSI ISG ISAC will provide an opportunity for ETSI members to coordinate their pre-standards research efforts on integrated sensing and communication technology across various EU/National funded collaborative projects, extended with relevant global initiatives, towards paving the way for 6G standardization of the technology. The ISG will prepare systematic output on 6G use cases, channel models, architecture and deployment considerations, KPIs and evaluation assumptions, for subsequent evaluation by standards organizations such as 3GPP future 6G releases and ITU-R IMT-2030 deliverables (e.g. capabilities, evaluation methodology).

The scope of ETSI ISG ISAC is summarized below

  • Definition of a prioritized set of 6G use cases and sensing types with a roadmap for their study and evaluation.
  • Development of advanced channel models for the target 6G ISAC use cases and sensing types, and validation through extensive measurement campaigns, that can fill the gaps of existing communicationbased channel models (e.g. 3GPP, IEEE 802, ITU-R).
  • Specification of KPIs and evaluation methodology building upon the channel modelling and measurements, simulations/POCs, and synergies with ETSI ISG RIS and ISG THz.
  • Study of a System and RAN architecture framework for 6G ISAC, including end-to-end deployment considerations.
  • Study of the privacy and security aspects of sensing data in the ISAC 6G framework
  • Study of impact of widespread deployment of ISAC on UN sustainability goals

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