Technical Committee (TC) Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT)

We are responsible for the development and maintenance of DECTTM standards.

The TC DECT standard is continually updated in order to take into account the developments in the technology, including DECTTM New Generation, DECTTM Ultra Low Energy (ULE), DECT Evolution, DECT-2020 NR and regional variants.

DECT is the ETSI standard for short-range radio communications, which can be adapted for many applications and can be used over license exempt frequency allocations world-wide.

DECT-2020 is the latest development providing very reliable radio transmission supporting advanced channel coding and Hybrid ARQ with incremental redundancy, which enables fast re-transmission. The physical layer supports fast link adaptation, transmit and receiver diversity, as well as MIMO operations up to 8 streams. DECT-2020 covers star network topology, e.g. for ‘Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications’ (URLLC) use cases, as well as mesh network topology, e.g. for ‘massive Machine Type Communications’ (mMTC) use cases.

For more information on the technology see: ETSI - DECT - Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications

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