3:00 pm CET (2:00 pm UTC) to 4:15 pm CET - on ETSI BRIGHTTALK CHANNEL

This webinar will introduce the newly released ETSI standard: DECT-2020 NR. It fills a gap currently in the IoT connectivity environment; it addresses industrial applications requiring either or both massive scale (mMTC) and/or ultra-reliable low latency (URLLC), complementing today’s 5G technology. The technology enables simple deployment and very cost-efficient operation, demanded by various industries such as logistics and asset tracking, industry 4.0 and building automation as well as condition monitoring. Thanks to its ultra-reliable autonomous and automatic operation, there is no need for network infrastructure nor for a network operator. It can be deployed anywhere by anyone in no time. The standard applies modern radio technologies such as OFDM modulation, efficient channel codings and HARQ. It also has a dedicated global spectrum at around 1900 MHz, ensuring low interference levels. Wirepas has been one of the key contributors to the new standard, which builds on current Wirepas technology.

Presented by: Jussi Numminen (Vice Chair of the ETSI TC DECT and Head of RF at Wirepas), Teppo Hemiä (CEO of Wirepas)

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