Get ETSI standards

ETSI has been making its standards available free of charge for many years. There are various ways to access our publications and we publish our standards in different formats to suit individual needs.

Direct access to individual published standards

Individual published ETSI standards as well as those undergoing an approval procedure are publicly available to download free of charge.

Purchase standards from ETSI on DVD

Standards in development

  • The ETSI Work Programme is published annually and provides an overview of standards under development
  • Work in progress - details of standards currently being developed, along with their progress and schedule, are listed in this database. An advanced search facility is also available via the database. This service is free and open to everyone. 

Members of ETSI can also access the full text of standards during their drafting.

Other ways to get ETSI standards

  • The National Standards Organizations (NSOs) assist us in the making of European Standards (ENs). You can buy our standards – either individually or the full library DVDs – from these NSOs too.
  • There are international distributors around the world from which you can also obtain either individual standards or the full library DVDs.