SIPit 31

  • 29 Sept - 03 Oct 2014Add this to my calendar
  • Fee - 580€
  • Nice, Franceexpand

Please note that the Early Bird Fee rate is no longer available. The fee is now 580€.

A special guest room rate for this event also applies.

The SIPit events bring all implementations of SIP together to find and remove interoperability issues.
The event is not focused on any specific application using SIP, but any peer participants with an application in common will be able to exercise it.

In particular, extensions to the core SIP protocol, such as those used in IMS networks, are frequently exercised during the SIPit events.

In addition to free-form pairwise testing between participants, each event includes several half-day multiparty sessions focusing on frequently occuring interoperability issues or on new emerging standards. The upcoming SIPit will include sessions on nat/firewall traversal, with a focus on STUN, TURN, and ICE, SRTP and its keying, SIP and media in dual-stack environments, and the interaction of SIP and WebRTC.

A €110 room rate has been negotiated with this hotel and in order to book your room you should download the reservation form and send it to the hotel as soon as possible.

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