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We will begin work on a series of investigations into different
             The ETSI IoT Week                                domains, with a view to specifying semantic models to
             In 2017, the ETSI IoT Week will be held in October   extend SAREF. This work will address smart cities, the
             at our headquarters in Sophia Antipolis, France. The   industry and manufacturing domains, smart agriculture
             focus this year will be ‘Standards and Technologies for   and the food chain, automation, eHealth/aging well and
             the Smart World’.                                wearables. We plan to publish a Technical Report (TR) for
                                                              each domain early in 2018.
             The week will include a one-day tutorial on oneM2M
             for developers, followed by a three-day workshop   In parallel, we will begin work on six new parts for the
             with presentations on IoT service implementations in   Technical Specification (TS) which extends SAREF, adding
             smart cities, industrial applications, aging well, smart   semantic models for each of the six domains covered in the
             agriculture, smart energy, wearables, smart appliances   TRs. This work is expected to be completed by the end of
             and co-operative and connected mobility. Standards   2018.
             updates will also be included.
             In parallel, various showcases will demonstrate   Building Smart Cities
             oneM2M in action, with commercially available    We are heavily committed to the development of standards
             products and services which have already been    which form the technology building blocks for smart
             deployed from across a wide range of IoT application   cities, both as a partner in oneM2M, as well as in our own
                                                              For example, our Human Factors committee (TC HF) is
          Smart Appliances                                    studying the human factors aspects of the services in smart,
          Our Smart M2M Communications committee (TC          accessible, sustainable cities and communities. We are also
          SmartM2M) is developing standards to enable M2M services   developing specifications for energy efficiency in smart
          and applications and certain aspects of the IoT. We are   cities. We have created a working group under our Access,
          addressing the need for all the connected appliances in   Terminals, Transmission and Multiplexing committee
          the IoT to be able to communicate among themselves and   (TC ATTM) for sustainable digital multi-service cities,
          with the service platforms, allowing the interoperability of   developing standards to support the deployment and roll-out
          applications and ‘plug and play’ connectivity. Interoperability   of smart city infrastructures.
          is a key factor in creating an IoT ecosystem, and the
          availability of a standardised solution with open interfaces,   We have joined the international group, IES-City, which was
          along with related test suites, will be the essential enabler of   established to develop a consensus framework for smart city
          the IoT.                                            architectures. The group is enabled by the National Institute
                                                              of Standards and Technology (NIST), the American National
          In 2017, we will focus primarily on SAREF, our smart   Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Green Building Council in
          appliances reference ontology that runs with oneM2M-  the U.S., the Republic of Korea’s Ministry of Science, ICT and
          compliant communication platforms. SAREF is designed to    Future Planning, the Italian Energy and Innovation Agency
          enable connected devices to exchange information with any   and the FIWARE Foundation. It is expected that the group’s
          energy management system.                           work will build upon existing standards and specifications,
                                                              including the work of oneM2M and TC SmartM2M.

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