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ETSI’s Vision of a Connected World

          ETSI is a producer of technical standards intended for global use for digital
          technologies, products and services. The high quality of our work and our open   Our ‘clusters’ (above)
          approach to standardisation has seen our reach extend from European roots to   provide a simplified, yet
          the entire world.                                                        comprehensive, way of
                                                                                   identifying our different
          ETSI is officially recognised by the European Union as a European Standardisation   areas of expertise based
          Organisation (ESO). Our activities are driven by time to market and our standards   on business relevance or
          help ensure the free movement of goods within the single European market,   application domain rather
          allowing enterprises in the EU to be more competitive.                   than our committee structure.

                                                                                   Each cluster represents a
          ETSI is a not-for-profit organisation created in 1988. We have over 800 member   major component of the
          organisations worldwide, drawn from 68 countries and five continents. Our   global Information and
          diverse membership includes some of the world’s leading companies from the   Communications Technologies
          manufacturing and service sectors, regulatory authorities and government   (ICT) architecture and brings
          ministries, as well as Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and innovative start-ups,   together the work of those
          working alongside universities, R&D organisations and societal interest groups.
                                                                                   Technical Committees and
                                                                                   other groups which share a
          ETSI is a world-renowned organisation with a solid reputation for technical   common technological scope
          excellence. Our standards are produced by our members, through active    and vision. It is this joint
          participation, co-operation and consensus in an atmosphere of openness and   scope and vision that gives
          transparency, where all contribute as equals. We work in partnership with all   each cluster its own identity;
          relevant worldwide Standards Developing Organisations, particularly the other   collectively the clusters
          ESOs, as well as communities, fora and consortia. This ensures that our standards   represent the totality of ETSI’s
          are aligned with those produced elsewhere and avoids the duplication of effort.  work, and demonstrate the
                                                                                   way that technologies are
          ETSI is at the forefront of emerging technologies. We have close relationships   converging into a connected
          with research communities and other innovative organisations, addressing the   world.
          technical issues that will drive the economy of the future and improve life for the
          next generation.

          The standards we produce truly respond to the needs of the ICT industry, as represented by our members.
          Join us – and have your say in the future shape of our industry.
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