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Building the Future – Work Programme 2017-2018

                                            of oneM2M specifications, which will   Navigation Satellite Systems). Changing
                                            focus on the industrial IoT, as well as   requirements over the last year or

             Dirk Weiler                    improving market adoption, testing   so has caused delays, and this work

             Chairman of the                and interworking. In addition, within   will therefore continue to dominate
             Board                          our own committees, we will enhance   activities in some of our committees for
                                            SAREF, our smart appliances reference   at least another year.
                                            ontology which enables connected
                                            devices to exchange information with   Security remains a primary
                                            any energy management system, and   consideration in all areas of our work,
          Mobile communications has always   we are working on smart cities, eHealth   but we are also developing specific
          been one of our strengths. Today we   and wireless industrial automation.   standards to protect cyber security and
          play a leading role in the development   We will continue to accelerate the   critical infrastructures, as well as the
          of 5G communications, both as a   introduction of Intelligent Transport   privacy of individuals and organisations.
          partner in the Third Generation   Systems, and to maximise their benefits   Other ongoing security work includes
          Partnership Project (3GPP™) and in our   as we lead the drive for international   secure elements, electronic signatures,
          own activities. In Release 15, 3GPP is   standards.                  lawful interception, quantum-safe
          now working at full speed on 5G Phase                                computing and 5G network security.
          1, as it looks for early commercial   We have set up a new ISG on
          deployments. Work in 2017 will include   cross-cutting Context Information   Looking to the future, we are trying
          specifications to extend mission-critical   Management (ISG CIM) to support the   to identify the technologies which will
          services from simple voice to data and   use of context information for smart   require our attention in coming years,
          video.                            cities and other applications, and   so in 2017 we will participate in Horizon
                                            we will continue to address energy   2020 projects and we will strengthen
          Meanwhile, our Industry Specification   efficiency in the IoT.       our links with the R&D community.
          Groups (ISGs) in areas such as Network                               ‘Softwarisation’ is changing the way
          Functions Virtualisation (NFV), Multi-  Other ISGs are looking into future   that telecommunications systems
          access Edge Computing (MEC) and   requirements for Internet Protocols   are designed and operated; we are
          millimetre Wave Transmission (mWT)   to support developments in local   furthering this technological revolution
          are developing what are expected   access networks, and our new ISG on   in our ISG on NFV. We will continue to
          to become the building blocks for a   Experiential Networked Intelligence   explore the synergies between Open
          5G system and key components of   (ENI) is harnessing Artificial Intelligence   Source and standardisation, and to
          the next generation of Information   to define a Cognitive Network   capitalise on the benefits, particularly in
          and Communications Technologies   Management architecture.           our Open Source MANO group and our
          (ICT) platforms. A lack of spectrum                                  work on testing and interoperability.
          threatens to hinder both the growth   Of course, as well as activities related
          of the Internet and the development   to new technologies, we continue to
          of mobile communications, so we   address well-established topics such
          are also looking at different ways of   as satellite communications, networks,
          spectrum-sharing, such as the use of   energy efficiency for ICT, rail, air
          reconfigurable radio systems.     and maritime transportation, public
                                            safety, accessibility and media quality.
          5G, along with the Internet of Things   Our broadcasting standardisation
          (IoT), are key areas targeted in our   is ongoing, and we are working on
          Long-Term Strategy for 2016-21.   mobile and broadcast convergence
          Standardisation has a crucial part to   and protection and rights mechanisms.
          play in achieving universally accepted   We are beginning to consider the
          specifications for interoperability   future of Digital Enhanced Cordless
          between equipment and applications in   Telecommunications (DECT™).
          the IoT, and activities to support the IoT
          will therefore also feature prominently   In support of the European
          in our work programme over the next   Commission’s Radio Equipment
          12 months.                        Directive (RED), we are creating or   This Work Programme describes the
                                            revising several hundred Harmonised   varied activities we have planned for
          For example, as a partner in the   Standards, including, for the first time,   2017-2018. Full details of all upcoming
          oneM2M initiative, we are helping to   Harmonised Standards for broadcast   standards and specifications can be
          develop global specifications for IoT   receivers, equipment operating below   found at:
          technologies. We expect significant   9 kHz and radio determination   workprogram.
          progress in 2017 with the third release   equipment (including Global

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