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New Beginnings

           Innovation, agility and
           flexibility are important
           characteristics of our work,
           particularly in emerging
           technical areas. To support
           the development of new
           technologies in the most
           appropriate way, we have
           therefore adopted a range of
           approaches from light
           co-ordination to fully fledged
           standards development.

          From Research to Standards                          advance specific technologies. In all these ways, we will seek
          Standardisation can be crucial to the market success of a   to identify candidate technologies for standardisation and
          technology or a product, particularly if it can be applied early   support stakeholders in standards-related activities.
          in the development process. Standards activities can also
          help bridge the gap between research and the industrial   Horizon 2020
          development of products and services, facilitating the   We will monitor activity related to Horizon 2020 (H2020), the
          commercialisation of research results. At the same time,   EU research funding programme, and to take part in relevant
          R&D can trigger new standardisation activities, enabling us to   projects, as our resources allow. We are currently engaged
          ensure that standards are in place when they are needed.   as a partner in two EC-funded projects: UNIFY-IoT, aimed at
                                                              developing a healthy Internet of Things (IoT) eco-system,
          In 2017 we will seek to further encourage collaboration   and the ESPRESSO (systEmic Standardisation apPRoach to
          with researchers and innovators, to promote the smooth   Empower Smart citieS and cOmmunities) project, where
          uptake of the output of research and innovation into   we support standardised integrated communication and
          standardisation. We will continue to cultivate close   data processing for a sector-independent Information and
          relationships with academic institutions and we will   Communications Technologies (ICT) platform in a smart city.
          participate in relevant conferences and other events where
          project results are being presented. We will maintain   White Papers
          contact with European Technology Platforms, Public Private   From time to time, we publish ETSI White Papers, which
          Partnerships and Joint Technology Initiatives, as appropriate,   provide informal overviews of important technical topics
          and we will participate in European Commission (EC)   related to our activity. These papers summarise the work
          funded projects. We will explore the European Union (EU)   that we and other organisations have been doing in a specific
          Joint Initiative on Standardisation, which sets out a shared   area, and highlight broader issues related to the successful
          vision for European standardisation to speed up and better   deployment of the technologies and services discussed. In
          prioritise standards-making. We will continue to collaborate   2017 we expect to produce White Papers on reconfigurable
          with National Standards Organisations and Small and   radio systems, experiential networked intelligence, Fog
          Medium-sized enterprises, which are often well-placed to   computing and cross-hauling.

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