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                               News From ETSI  February 2017

       Power Set to be Key Battleground for 5G                                   A New Logo for 5G

       By Mauro Boldi, ETSI, and Xiaobao Chen, 3GPP                              Specifications
       Although energy efficiency was       data traffic have both continued to
       important in previous generations of   rise, despite the consumption of the
       mobile communications standards,     equipment being utilized actually
       such as UMTS and LTE, far greater    decreasing slightly. If this dynamic was
       emphasis will be placed upon this    to continue then migration to 5G would
       as a key performance metric in the   be difficult from both an economic and
       forthcoming 5G standard. With        an ecological standpoint. Consequently,
       each new generation of mobile        energy efficiency will be one of the
       communication technology, the        highest priorities for the 5G era.
       energy consumed by the network has
       grown significantly, as the number of           Continued on page 2 >
       subscribers and the level of carried
                                                                                 We have approved a new logo to
                                                                                 be used on 3GPP 5G specifications
         5G Summit                                                               from Release 15 onwards. The logo
                                                                                 has a new wave pattern, but is a
                                                                                 development of the existing LTE waves,
                                                                                 using the green of the LTE-Advanced
                                                                                 Pro version. The idea is to keep a
                                                                                 familiar design aspect with the use of
                                                                                 plain black text and textured waves, but
                                                                                 to make the logo stronger and sharper -
                                                                                 ready for use on the new radio and next
                                                                                 generation core specifications for 5G.

                                                                                 The use of the 5G logo on 3GPP
                                                                                 specification cover sheets is intended
                                                                                 to help the industry to identify at which
                                                                                 point in time 5G features will appear. It
                                                                                 will be used on the relevant 5G Phase 1
         Join us at the ETSI Summit on 5G Network                                specifications in Release 15 (Complete
                                                                                 by late 2018) and then the 5G Phase
         Infrastructure!                                                         2, Release 16 specifications - for
                                                                                 completion in 2020. It will also be used
         6 April 2017 in ETSI, Sophia Antipolis, France                          for releases beyond, as it is probable
                                                                                 that 5G will span a series of releases,
                                                                                 as was the case with LTE, which started
         Discover the technology solutions needed to enable true scalable        with Release 8 - continuing beyond
         mobility and fulfil the ambitious 5G requirements in terms of           Release 14.
         performance, reliability, energy efficiency and security.
                                                                                 For companies and partners wishing to
         For more details, go to:                          use the 5G logo, a usage guide and logo
                                                                                 policy is available on line at:
         And follow us at: #ETSI5Gsummit                               
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