ETSI unveils its Report comparing worldwide COVID-19 contact-tracing systems – a first step toward interoperability

Sophia Antipolis, 2 February 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has stretched the planet’s health systems to their limits and tested the measures adopted to alleviate difficulties. Contact tracking or tracing to identify infected people has been one such example. However, contact tracing based on interviews with identified or suspected patients presents known weaknesses from previous pandemics. Turning to digital means in a world where global mobility is the rule was therefore of the essence.


ETSI Report Paves the Way for First World Standards in Securing Artificial Intelligence

Sophia Antipolis, 19 January 2021

The ETSI Securing Artificial Intelligence Industry Specification Group (SAI ISG) last month released its first Group Report, ETSI GR SAI 004, which gives an overview of the problem statement regarding the securing of AI. ETSI SAI is the first standardization initiative dedicated to securing AI.

The Report describes the problem of securing AI-based systems and solutions, with a focus on machine learning, and the challenges relating to confidentiality, integrity and availability at each stage of the machine learning lifecycle. It also points out some of the broader challenges of AI systems including bias, ethics and ability to be explained. A number of different attack vectors are outlined, as well as several cases of real-world use and attacks.

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ETSI announces MEC Sandbox for edge app developers

Sophia Antipolis, 6 January 2021

ETSI announces the launch of ETSI MEC Sandbox, available at The Sandbox is designed to allow application developers to experience and interact with an implementation of ETSI MEC APIs and test out their applications.  

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ETSI releases Middlebox Security Protocols framework specification

Sophia Antipolis, 17 December 2020

ETSI is pleased to announce a new specification, ETSI TS 103 523-1: Part 1 of the Middlebox Security Protocol (MSP) series, which defines the security properties of a Middlebox Security Protocol.

Open Source MANO Release NINE fulfils ETSI's zero-touch automation vision, ready for MEC and O-RAN use cases

Sophia Antipolis, 18 December 2020

ETSI is pleased to announce the launch of OSM Release NINE today. With an array of new features, this Release completes the alignment process with ETSI NFV specifications, culminating in native adoption of ETSI GS NFV-SOL006 for network functions and service modelling. Standardizing the onboarding process for VNFs into OSM fosters interoperability and boosts the growth of OSM’s VNF ecosystem. Release NINE coincides with the announcement of a new production deployment, confirming OSM as the most comprehensive open-source NFV orchestrator and a key enabler for zero-touch end-to-end network and service automation.