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Sophia Antipolis, 16 May 2023

ETSI is pleased to announce the release of the first Group Report developed by its Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface Industry Specification Group. The ETSI Report ETSI GR RIS-001 identifies and defines relevant RIS use cases, with corresponding general Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). It also describes deployment scenarios as well as potential requirements for each identified use case, to enable interoperability with existing and upcoming wireless technologies and networks.

Sophia Antipolis, 28 April 2023

Sustainability was the focus of a high-level meeting of the world’s leading information and communication technologies (ICT) standards bodies. The 23rd meeting of the Global Standards Collaboration (GSC) was hosted by ETSI, in London, 26-27 April 2023. Three sessions were moderated in a workshop format and included interactive discussions.

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Sophia Antipolis, 27 April 2023

ETSI has just released a Protection Profile (PP) for the security evaluation of quantum key distribution (QKD) modules, ETSI GS QKD 016. This Protection Profile is a first and anticipates the need for quantum safe cryptography. The ETSI specification will help manufacturers to submit pairs of QKD modules for evaluation under a security certification process.