Past Events

Cloud Standards Coordination - Delivery Workshop

Brussels, Belgium, 11 December 2013

The European Commission adopted in September 2012 the Communication "Unleashing the potential of cloud computing in Europe" to stimulate the uptake of cloud computing to the benefit of European customers and providers. One of the three Key Actions proposed in the Communication focuses on standardisation.

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ITS CMS Workshop 2013

Dusseldorf, Germany, 27 November 2013

Future Perspectives of Car-2-X Communication - High-level Management Workshop on Cooperative Mobility Services

The 3rd Plugtests event on ITS CMS was held from 25-29 November 2013 in the CETECOM Head Quarters in Essen, Germany.

On Wednesday 27 November, a workshop was held with the aim of providing a high-level networking platform for stakeholdes and experts of both public and private organizations specialising in in ITS technologies and implementations.

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ETSI Seminar

Sophia Antipolis, France, 5-6 December 2013

The Seminar, a regular service provided free to our Members, is aimed at improving the effectiveness of standards-making in ETSI by developing special skills in those people actively involved in our work.

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eSignature & electronic Trust Services standardization workshop

Sophia Antipolis, France, 3 December 2013

ETSI organized a workshop on E-signatures & Electronic Trust Services standardization that took place in Sophia Antipolis on 3rd December 2013. 

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CAdES 2013

Remote Event, 02-13 December 2013

ETSI Centre for Testing and Interoperability (CTI) is organizing a remote Plugtests Interoperability event on CMS Advanced Electronic Signature (CAdES) scheduled to run from 2-13 December 2013.

This event aims at conducting interoperability test cases on CAdES signatures (ETSI TS 101 733) V2.2.1 as well as the CAdES Baseline Profile TS 103 173 V2.2.1. It will take into account the introduction of the new Archive Time Stamp attribute V3.

This event will provide full test coverage of the specifications including testing signatures evolution simulating real life situations. It will be based on the future test specification ETSI TS 119 124 “CAdES Testing Conformance & Interoperability”.

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3rd ITS Cooperative Mobility Services Plugtests

CETECOM HQ - Essen, Germany, 25 - 29 November 2013

In the continuous effort to support rapid ITS deployment and to validate the ETSI ITS Release 1 standards, a third Plugtests event was organized in November 2013 focussing on Co-operative Mobile Systems standards from ETSI, CEN and ISO and to test the interoperability of ITS equipment from all key vendors.

CMS can significantly help the European motorist to increase safety, reduce congestion and make fuel (energy) efficiencies. Interoperability is essential if these systems are to work correctly. This event was organized in cooperation with ERTICO.

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ETSI Future Mobile Summit

Mandelieu, France, 21 November 2013

In celebration of the 15th anniversary of the establishment of 3GPP and the 25th anniversary of its foundation, ETSI invites its members and the members of 3GPP to a summit on future mobile communication. Looking beyond the current success of 3GPP's LTE Advanced standards, the summit will hear from key industry leaders in research and standards as well as from the European Commission.

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CoAP 3 & OMA Lightweight M2M

Las Vegas, USA, 19-22 November 2013

The third IoT CoAP Plugtests event was held in Las Vegas, USA, from 19 to 22 November 2013. This event was jointly organized by ETSI, the IPSO Alliance and OMA and was collocated with the OMA AGM, Board, Technical Plenary and Working Group meetings.

Following the success of the second CoAP Plugtests event, which was held in November 2012, participating companies had expressed interest in holding another interoperability event on CoAP in 2013. The draft specifications which were used in the previous event have evolved significantly in the intervening year. As CoRE CoAP is almost an RFC (Draft version 18 final), it was clear for many that November 2013 was the perfect time to schedule this event.

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VoLTE QoS Assessment

Sophia Antipolis, France, 18-20 November 2013

Building on previous VoLTE (Voice over LTE) and RCS (Rich Communication Services) interoperability events ETSI organized a technology evaluation Plugtests on end-to-end QoS Assessment for VoLTE from 18 – 20 November 2013 at ETSI premises in Sophia Antipolis, France. 

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M2M Workshop 2013

Congress Centre Mandelieu , 5-7 November 2013

The 4th ETSI M2M Workshop will examine major issues facing wide-scale M2M deployment. Machine to Machine communications is the foundation layer for our future world of smart devices, smart appliances, smart homes, smart buildings and smart cities. To unlock the potential offered by M2M, we must understand and address issues related to business models and incentives, technology choices, involvement of different industry sectors, security and data privacy. We must also understand the roles of major actors and their numerous use cases.

The workshop will take place on 6-7 November 2013 in the Congress Centre of Mandelieu, France. Products and solutions based on ETSI’s M2M standards will be showcased as of 5 November, starting at 2pm, and throughout the duration of the workshop.

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