Started/past events

Image showing a cheerful mixed audience
keySophia Antipolis, France
6-7 June 2019

The ETSI Seminar

The ETSI Seminar is run twice a year, to provide an intensive course on ETSI, its organization, stru...

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keySophia Antipolis, France
3-7 June 2019

4th NFV Plugtests

The 4th NFV Plugtests report is now available for download! In the context of the NFV Plugtests P...

Decoration image for event with #MOBILE360
The Hague, The Netherlands
28-29 May 2019

GSMA Mobile360 Series - Security for 5G

ETSI is pleased to endorse the GSMA Mobile360 Series - Security for 5G event. Join us in The Ha...

Old Keio University
Tokyo, Japan
23 May 2019

Tokyo Workshop on Globalization of Trust Services

Keio University ( 慶應義塾大学 ), the Japan Institute for Promotion of Digital Economy and Com...

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Old Windsor, UK
23-24 May 2019

DSP Leaders Forum

ETSI is pleased to endorse the DSP Leaders Forum. DSP Leaders Forum will offer Communication Servic...

Person with PC and smart phone online
21 May

Webinar: Developing SW for Multi-access Edge Computing with ETSI

4:30 pm CEST | 2:30 pm UTC - on ETSI BRIGHTTALK CHANNEL The webinar will provide a guidance fo...

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Tokyo, Japan
14 May 2019

5G HUDDLE 2019

ETSI is pleased to endorse the 5G HUDDLE 2019 in the frame of the Wireless World Research Forum (WWR...

Intel building which is the location of the event
Santa Clara, California
13-17 May 2019

6th OSM Hackfest

ETSI's Centre for Testing and Interoperability and the OSM community organized the 6th OSM Hackfest ...