Past Events

ITS Presentation

During the 16th ITS World Congress 21-25 September 2009, ETSI gave the following presentation:

Towards a pan European architecture for cooperative systems - Status on Standardization



3rd XAdES/CAdES Remote Plugtests

Remote, 16-27 FEBRUARY 2009

The 3rd Remote Plugtests has been held from 16 to 27 February 2009. It was a combined XAdES and CAdES interoperability remote event, testing XAdES TS 101 309 v1.3.2 and CAdES TS 1.7.4.

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1st ETSI TC ITS Workshop

Sophia Antipolis, France, 4 - 6 February 2009

The 1st ETSI TC ITS Workshop, organised and hosted by ETSI in Sophia Antipolis, France, took place on 4-6 February 2009.

ETSI TC ITS had a very busy year 2008 developing standards and technical specifications for Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). In February 2009, it was time to present TC ITS's results so far and discuss the way forward with our stakeholders and interested parties. The event was supported by ERTICO and a cooperation agreement between ETSI and ERTICO was signed during the opening of the event.

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4th ETSI Security Workshop

Sophia Antipolis, France, 13 - 14 January 2009

The 4th ETSI Security Workshop, organised and hosted by ETSI in Sophia Antipolis, France, took place on 13-14 January 2009. It counted 130 attendees with a vested interest in Security Standards.

The agenda included seven sessions, with presentations given by experts representing organizations such as ETSI, CEN, CENELEC, European Commission, ITU-T, ENISA, as well as the private sector, government and universities. The workshop provided interesting information on all topics covered, with special focus on standardization efforts related to such topics. Besides, it provided co-operation opportunities, and directions for future work.

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