Industry Specification Group (ISG) Securing Artificial Intelligence (SAI)

The rapid expansion of Artificial Intelligence into new industries with new stakeholders, coupled with an evolving threat landscape, presents a tough challenge for security.

Artificial Intelligence impacts our lives every day, from local AI systems on our mobile phones suggesting the next word in our sentences to large manufacturers using AI to improve industrial processes. AI has the potential to revolutionize our interactions with technology, improve our quality of life and enrich security – but without high quality technical standards, AI has the potential to create new attacks and worsen security.

The ETSI Industry Specification Group on Securing Artificial Intelligence (ISG SAI) focuses on three key areas: using AI to enhance security, mitigating against attacks that leverage AI, and securing AI itself from attack. The ETSI ISG SAI works alongside a landscape of huge growth in AI, creating standards to preserve and improve the security of Artificial Intelligence.

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