ETSI launches new White Paper titled Fibre Development Index: Driving Towards an F5G Gigabit Society

Sophia Antipolis, 19 August 2021

Fibre and fibre-based optical networks are the key technical enablers of our society's twin transitions (green and digital), providing sustainable and cost-effective communication with high bandwidth, stability, reliability, and improved latency. In addition, the fibre evolution enables sustainable economic growth through advanced services and applications for users, businesses, and industries.

The new ETSI White Paper explains the methodology used to define a fibre development index, provides migration path recommendations to countries with different fibre development, and highlights the importance of setting policies to underpin that twin (green and digital) transformation.


ETSI releases a Report to enable MEC deployment in a multi-operator’s environment

Sophia Antipolis, 20 July 2021

The ETSI MEC Industry Specification Group (ETSI ISG MEC) has just released a new Group Report ETSI GR MEC 0035 to enable inter-MEC system deployment and MEC-Cloud system coordination. This Report was motivated by the mobile network operators’ interest in forming federated MEC environments and enabling information exchange in a secure manner, in the event that MEC platforms or applications belong to different MEC systems.


ETSI releases IoT testing specifications for MQTT, CoAP and industrial automation and control systems

Sophia Antipolis, 25 June 2021

The ETSI committee on Methods for Testing and Specifications (TC MTS) has recently completed a first set of seven standards addressing the testing of the IoT MQTT and CoAP protocols, and the foundational security IoT-Profile.


ETSI releases a White Paper on MEC security, first initiative in this domain

Sophia Antipolis, 3 June 2021

ETSI publishes today a White Paper titled MEC security: Status of standards support and future evolutions written by several authors participating in MEC and other related ETSI groups. This White Paper, the very first initiative in this domain, aims to identify aspects of security where the nature of edge computing leaves typical industry approaches to cloud security insufficient. 


ETSI Open Source MANO launches Release TEN, celebrates OSM 5th anniversary

Sophia Antipolis, 16 June 2021

Today ETSI is happy to introduce OSM Release TEN, the 11th Release of an Open-Source project which first announced its Release ZERO in 2016 with the vision of closing the gap between the traditional way of building telecom networks, and the use of cloud technologies in telcos emerging at that time.