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ETSI Headquarters, Sophia Antipolis, France – 27 February 2012

Smart, safe, sustainable traffic using Cooperative ITS was the focus of ETSI's fourth workshop on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), held from 7 to 9 February 2012 in Doha, Qatar.

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ETSI Headquarters, Sophia Antipolis, France – 31 January 2012

Security in the Cloud and in machine to machine communications were some of the key issues debated at the ETSI Security Workshop, held in Sophia Antipolis, France, on the 18th and 19th of January 2012. This seventh edition of the workshop gathered security standardization experts from partner standards bodies, consortia, industry and academia worldwide. With over 150 registered delegates, the ETSI Security Workshop continues its success and has become a fixture in ETSI's calendar of workshops.

ETSI Headquarters, Sophia Antipolis, France – 30 January 2012

38 companies from around the world took part in a recent interoperability testing campaign for PDF Advanced Electronic Signatures, organized by the ETSI Plugtests™ service. The interoperability event ran from 24th of November to 19th of December 2011, with participants connecting to each other and to the ETSI Plugtests portal, which provided information exchange, test execution, test evaluation and report generation services.

ETSI Headquarters, Sophia Antipolis, France – 17 January 2012

Major Standards Development Organizations (the "SDOs"*) -- ARIB, ATIS, CCSA, ETSI, TIA, TTA, and TTC -- recognize that M2M services often rely upon communications networks for connectivity between the myriad of devices in the field and the M2M application servers, and have identified the need for a common cost-efficient, easily and widely available M2M Service Layer, which can be readily embedded within various hardware and software. As a result, the SDOs, meeting over the course of the past several months, have also identified the need for a cooperative M2M community standards activity, and have agreed to jointly address the challenge of common standardized solutions. The SDOs have taken initial steps to form a global initiative for M2M Standardization.

Brussels – 5 December 2011

The proposal for HORIZON 2020, adopted on 30 November 2011 by the European Commission, recognizes the role of standardization in supporting the market take-up of innovation. The European Standards Organizations are fully committed to play a key role in HORIZON 2020, hence contributing to the objectives of the Innovation Union.

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ETSI Headquarters, Sophia Antipolis, France – 2 December 2011

ETSI Technical Committee TC TETRA has released a new version of the TETRA standard which incorporates the next development step in the TETRA Enhanced Data Service, TEDS.  This development is known as Direct Access and is specified in ETSI TS 100 392 2.

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ETSI Headquarters, Sophia Antipolis, France – 2 December 2011

ETSI Members have appointed Mr. Jonas Sundborg of Ericsson as the chair of the new ETSI Board, elected at the 58th ETSI General Assembly in Cannes.