Website change log

Major changes made to the ETSI website

Date Change
October    The Word icon (to access password-protected Word versions of standards) has been added to the ETSI standards search.

Date Change
November The existing WEBstore for the sale of DVDs has been re-designed to align with website layout and a link to it has been placed on the homepage
June In the ETSI Secretariat page the Secretariat management structure and photographs have been added. In the ETSI officials and structure page the photographs have been added to accompany the management structure.
April In the Search bar on top of each page the word Standards is displayed directly and not in a dropdown menu for better visibility
February A menu item and "Videos" page have been created in the News & Events section
Date Change
September A section Media Resources has been added in the left menu under the News & Events top menu.
August The homepage was re-designed. A new "Search & Browse Standards" page was made available. The standards results page was re-designed with enhanced functionalities.
July A menu item and ‘Webinars’ page have been created in the News & Events section
July A landing page has been published behind the Committees & Portal top menu giving an overview of the Portal
April The reviewed IPR pages have been published as part of the re-structured About us/How we work section
April The page Work in partnership with sub-page Types of partnership and the page Publicly Available Specifications have been added under About us/What we do
March The structure behind the About us top menu has been changed
March The Services top menu has been removed. Please refer to What we do or How we work (under About us top menu)
March The page DVDs of our standards (& sub-pages) have been added under the Standards top menu 
February A re-structured & updated page of EC/EFTA Mandates was moved to What we do - EC/EFTA Mandates
Date Change
October The List of Harmonised Standards has been added under the Standards top menu