Tracking Future Technology Evolutions

In ETSI we create strong links between Researchers, Innovators & Standards Makers by examining emerging technology trends in combination with initiatives such as:

  • The ETSI Technology Radar (ETR), tracking the evolving technology trends
  • Building enablers to encourage Research and Innovation to engage in Standards
  • Creation of new technical groups [Technical Bodies (TBs) / Industry Specification Groups (ISGs) / Software Development Groups (SDGs) / others] in ETSI
  • Publication of technology White Papers
  • Organizing ETSI conferences and presenting technology standards updates at relevant external Events

The ETSI Technology Radar (ETR) provides a high-level description of the main technology trends emerging in ICT and their potential relevant for ETSI's present and future work.

The most recent edition of the ETR was published in December 2023.

During the revision of the original ETR (see below) the ETR drafting group has considered the most recent technology vision and framework documents, particularly the numerous global 6G vision papers published late 2022 and early 2023.

The latest ETR has expanded upon the original ten (10) technology trends to include twenty one (21) technology areas that are all relevant to ETSI's ongoing Work Programme.

ETSI WP 61 ETSI Technology Radar Small

The first edition of the ETR was published in April 2021.

The original ETR identified ten (10) broad technology trends as well as describing their importance, possible evolution timescales and most importantly, the eventual impact on ETSI's work programme.

The ETSI Technology Radar (ETR) is available for consultation and review. Your feedback is welcome and encouraged.

Please send any feedback or ideas on the ETR to