ETSI activity in the field of telecommunications safety is based on the following legislation:

The Low Voltage Directive is one of a set of Directives that apply to electrical equipment. For more information, see the European Commission - Enterprise and Industry web pages on Electrical Equipment.

  • Physical Agents' Directive (non-ionizing radiation) (2004/40/EC).

This is part of a package of measures related to Health and Safety at work, and puts requirements on employers to provide their workers with a safe working environment, in particular with respect to ElectroMagnetic Fields (EMF).

Our Role & Activities

ETSI’s Safety committee (TC SAFETY) monitors developments in electromagnetic fields (EMF), electrical and laser safety, plus safety in cable television systems, as these impact the interests of ETSI members. The committee also works closely with other European and international standards organizations in order to establish, wherever possible, globally-applicable standards for telecommunications equipment safety and to avoid the duplication of effort.

In particular, ETSI TC Safety provides a voice for ETSI Members in external organizations by being responsible for co-ordinating safety requirements between ETSI, ITU-CEPT and the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardisation (CENELEC), for monitoring the safety aspects of all ETSI standards and specifications, and for co-ordinating ETSI’s position on telecommunications equipment safety.


A full list of related standards in the public domain is accessible via the Safety committee page.