To accelerate NFV adoption and interoperability, a key enabler to NFV deployment, ETSI is running an innovative NFV Plugtests Programme. 

The NFV Plugtests Programme provides a continuous and ubiquitous environment for collaborative testing and validation activities among different organizations.

The programme, leverages the ETSI Hub for Interoperability and Validation (HIVE) to interconnect participants’ labs and allow for multi-party interoperability testing, PoCs, demos, API validation, etc. Remote activities are complemented by periodic Plugtests events allowing the Programme community to meet and run face to face intensive testing sessions.


ETSI NFV HIVE is currently interconnecting over 40 remote labs and being key for the success of the preparation of the NFV Plugtests events as well as the OSM Hackfest activities.
The NFV Plugtests Programme is supported by a number of key open source communities working in NFV solutions, such as ETSI OSM, Fog05kubernetesONAPOpen Air Interface,  OpenDayLight, opensliceOpen Stack and StarlingX.

The Programme is open to ETSI members and non-members free of charge. Organizations are invited to join by registering to an NFV Plugtests event or by contacting