ISG MEC is committed to produce timely and high quality specifications allowing the implementation of interoperable MEC solutions.

In order to gain time to market, to validate the specifications that are being developed, and to demonstrate the use cases that have served to extract the technical requirements, it is important to demonstrate the MEC concept as feasible and valuable to all the stakeholders in the value chain. The MEC DECODE Working Group was created to focus on easing the implementation path for vendors operators and application developers.

PoC Framework

ISG MEC has developed the MEC PoC Framework to coordinate and promote multi-vendor Proofs of Concept (PoC) illustrating key aspects of MEC technology. Proofs of Concept are an important tool to demonstrate the viability of a new technology and provide feedback to the standardization work.

The MEC PoC framework describes the process and criteria that a Proof of Concept demonstration must adhere to. A PoC proposal can be submitted by a PoC team consisting of at least one Mobile Network Operator, at least one infrastructure vendor and at least one content or application provider. PoC proposals are expected to be scoped around PoC Topics identified by ISG MEC, as specific areas, often related to a Work Item, where feedback from the PoCs is required.

The MEC wiki hosts the necessary templates for PoC proposals and reports as well as the latest details on PoC Topics and ongoing PoC projects.
MEC PoCs support the standardization work by feeding back their results and lessons learnt to ISG MEC. They help to build confidence on the viability of MEC technology and contribute to the development of a diverse and open MEC ecosystem by fostering the integration of components from different players.

CTI support

The ETSI Center for Testing and Interoperability (CTI) supports ETSI PoC Frameworks and has experience in the organization of technology evaluations and interoperability events.

This experience may be useful to assist the PoC teams with test expertise, administration and project management support.

PoC Teams may request CTI assistance by contacting CTI_Support@etsi.org.

MEC Proofs of Concept

The MEC Proofs of Concept are developed according to the ETSI ISG MEC Proof of Concept Framework. MEC Proofs of Concept are intended to demonstrate MEC as a viable technology. Results are fed back to the Industry Specification Group for Multi-access Edge Computing (ISG MEC).

Neither ETSI, its ISG MEC, nor their members make any endorsement of any product or implementation claiming to demonstrate or conform to MEC. No verification or test has been performed by ETSI on any part of these MEC Proofs of Concept.

MEC PoC Projects

PoC#1: "Video User Experience Optimization via MEC - A Service Aware RAN MEC PoC"

PoC#2:Edge Video Orchestration and Video Clip Replay via MEC"

PoC#3:Radio aware video optimization in a fully virtualized network"

PoC#4: "FLIPS – Flexible IP-based Services"

PoC#5: "Enterprise Services"

PoC#6: "Healthcare – Dynamic Hospital User, IoT and Alert Status management"

PoC#7: "Multi-Service MEC Platform for Advanced Service Delivery"

PoC#8: "Video Analytics

PoC#9: "MEC platform to enable low-latency Industrial IoT"

PoC#10: "Service Aware MEC Platform to enable Bandwidth Management of RAN"

PoC#11:Communication Traffic Management for V2X

PoC#12: "MEC enabled OTT business

PoC#13: "MEC infotainment for smart roads and city hot spots"

More details about ISG MEC PoC projects and the MEC PoC Framework on the MEC wiki.