F5G proposes to use the Proof of Concept approach to inspire the development of new use cases and technologies in the domain of fixed optical networks.

The objective of doing Proof-of-Concepts is to:

  • Demonstrate the F5G system as a viable technology
  • Build commercial awareness and confidence in the ETSI ISG F5G approach
  • Feedback on interoperability and other technical challenges that may guide the work in the ETSI ISG F5G
  • Public demonstration of F5G concepts, features and use cases
  • Develop a diverse, open F5G ecosystem.

The ETSI ISG F5G invites interested parties to perform Proof of Concept projects in order to drive the F5G vision of fibre to everywhere and everything forward.

PoC Framework

The ETSI ISG F5G has developed a F5G PoC Framework to coordinate and promote multi-party Proofs of Concept illustrating key aspects of the F5G work.

F5G PoCs are scoped around F5G use cases or architectural concepts. In order to help PoC projects to focus on the most relevant aspects, it is recommended to check the currently published documents including the use cases document. The PoC project feeds back the findings and lessons learnt from performing a PoC to the ISG F5G and helps progressing the specification work.

The PoC Framework document describes the F5G PoC framework and includes templates for PoC proposals and PoC reports.

The material about details on PoCs including a list of past and current PoCs can be found under https://docbox.etsi.org/ISG/F5G/Open/PoC_Material.

Neither ETSI, its F5G Industry Specification Group, nor their members make any endorsement of any product or implementation claiming to demonstrate or conform to F5G. No verification or test has been performed by ETSI on any part of these F5G Proof of Concepts.

The F5G ISG is looking forward to successful implementation of F5G PoCs and in case of any questions and comments let the ISG know.