The infrastructure and environmental aspects for all telecommunications equipment, including that installed at subscriber premises is under study in ETSI technical committees. Environmental aspects considered include: 

  • climatic and biological conditions
  • chemically and mechanically active substances
  • mechanical conditions during storage, transportation and while being used
  • power supply issues including power distribution, earthing and bonding techniques
  • thermal management for equipment and facilities
  • noise emission of equipment.

ETSI technical committee Environmental Engineering (EE) is responsible for defining the environmental and infrastructural aspects for all telecommunication equipment and its environment, including equipment installed in subscriber premises. Where ever possible this will be achieved by references to existing international standards such as ITU-T and the IEC or also to CENELEC.

The field includes:

  • Environmental Conditions
  • Power Supply, Bonding and related topics
  • Mechanical Structure and Physical design
  • Environmental matters associated with Mobile ICT devices

Our Role & Activities

ETSI technical committee Environmental Engineering (EE) is currently working on:

  • Metrics and Measurement Method for Energy Efficiency of ICT equipment
  • Standardization terms and trends in energy efficiency
  • Energy aware networking measurement methods


A full list of related standards in the public domain is accessible via the ETSI standards search.

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