Wireline Broadband Access

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU-T) defines Broadband as transmission faster than primary rate ISDN i.e. 1.5 Mbit/s.

However, at present broadband is normally understood to be high speed internet i.e. greater than 256 kbit/s. Broadband wireline access to telecommunications networks includes services delivered over:

  • Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)
  • Cable TV networks (CATV)
  • Optical fibres.

ETSI produced standards for wireline broadband access for a variety of different transmission media and technologies.


ETSI's work on the various Digital Subscriber Line (xDSL ) technologies:

  • Covers the application of all DSL technologies in Europe
  • Covers coexistence with legacy systems and infrastructures
  • Focuses on rational frequency management in the local loop.

Cable (telecommunications over CATV infrastructures)

ETSI's work on telecommunications over Cable Access Television (CATV) networks:

  • Covers the application of TV cable technologies in Europe
  • Covers lower layers (Euro-DOCSIS) and higher layers (Euro-IPCablecom)
  • Considers the impact of the convergence of telecommunications and broadcasting.

PLT (Power Line Telecommunications)/PLC (Power Line Communications)

ETSI's work on broadband telecommunications over power lines:

  • Covers all aspects of communications over power lines in Europe
  • Gives special attention to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues
  • Is supported by the 'white goods industry' aiming for Home Automation.

Optical fibre

ETSI's work on broadband access over optical fibre mostly follows the work of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

The following is a list of relevant standards. 

Standard No.Standard title
TS 183 019 Network Access xDSL and WLAN Access Networks; Interface Protocol Definitions
TR 101 952 parts 1-2 Access network xDSL transmission filters
ES 200 800 DVB interaction channel for Cable TV distribution systems (CATV)
TR 102 494 Technical requirements for In-House PLC modems
TR 102 049 Quality of Service (QoS) requirements for in-house systems
TR 102 259 PowerLine Telecommunications (PLT); EMI review and statistical analysis
ES 202 319 Passive optical components and cables; Optical fibre cables to be used for patchcord applications for single-mode optical fibre communication systems; Common requirements and conformance testing
TS 101 952-1 Access network xDSL splitters for European deployment;
Part 1: Generic specification of xDSL over POTS splitters
TS 101 952-2 Access network xDSL transmission filters; Part 2: VDSL splitters for European deployment;
TR 101 830-1 Access networks; Spectral management on metallic access networks;
Part 1: Definitions and signal library
Part 1: Definitions and signal library
TS 101 271 Access transmission system on metallic pairs; Very High Speed digital subscriber line system (VDSL2);
[ITU-T Recommendation G.993.2 modified]
European technical requirements for VDSL2 (Second generation DMT-based VDSL)