Radio Site Engineering

The construction, use and maintenance of radio sites require many factors to be taken into account. These range from health and safety issues to matters of radio propagation, interference and environmental impact.

In order to assist designers and users of radio sites, ETSI has published a guide on the construction and maintenance of radio sites (EG 200 053). This document provides guidance for engineers concerned with the design, specification, installation, operation and maintenance of radio systems. It is particularly directed towards systems working in the Very High Frequency (VHF) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) bands but encompasses a measurement range between 9 kHz and 56 GHz in respect of compatibility where co-sited operation of many different users' equipment has become common. However, it does not specifically cover the detailed technology associated with microwave systems, operating at frequencies above 3 GHz.

The Guide examines the objectives of good design and the effects of common deficiencies. It provides recommendations designed to ensure that users avoid interactions which result in mutual interference, spectrum contamination, or danger to personnel or equipment. References and annexes are provided for further reading by engineers who are new to the field or are encountering the problems which are described for the first time.

The Guide also includes information relating to the safety precautions required when dealing with non-ionizing radiation.


ETSI also developed methods of measurement for electromagnetic fields present in and around radio sites, in order to ensure that permitted levels for exposure of workers and the general public to electromagnetic fields are not exceeded. These methods of measurement were contributed to CENELEC for incorporation in safety standards.

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Standard No.Standard Title
EG 200 053 Radio site engineering for radio equipment and systems
EG 202 373 Guide to the methods of measurement of Radio Frequency (RF) fields
TR 102 215 Recommended approach, and possible limits for measurement uncertainty for the measurement of radiated electromagnetic fields above 1 GHz