Localisation Industry Standards

Localisation, in this context, means making a product linguistically and culturally appropriate to where it will be used and sold (whether this means a country/region or a specific language). This is not as simple as providing ‘different language versions’ – although people of different regions may officially speak the same language, there may be linguistic and non-linguistic differences between them that need specific treatment.

The former Localisation Industry Standards Association (LISA) was a trade body for hardware and software publishers and companies involved in the translation of computer software and other documentation into multiple natural languages. It closed in 2011 but, while active, counted among its members most of the large information technology companies.

Among its activities, it proposed methodologies and standards that would enable its members and associates to achieve the highest possible quality as well as excellent interoperability for tools developed according to these standards. ETSI took over some of LISA’s work.

Our Industry Specification Group on Localisation Industry Standards (ISG LIS) produced ETSI Group Specifications (GSs) to ensure quality and efficiency, as well as interoperability in data exchange between the various products used in the localization industry. We developed specifications based on standards developed by the former Localisation Industry Standards Association (LISA).

In addition, we produced a specification which will define the first agreed algorithm, or possibly multiple algorithms, to calculate the match percentage value. Match percentage calculation can be a useful technique to help determine the effort involved in human translation.

ISG LIS also served as a forum where the localisation industry could identify future standards and collaborate to ensure the interoperability of their products and services.

List of the 2 Group Specifications which have been published. You can also find them via the standards search.

Standard No. Standard title.
GS LIS 002 Localisation Industry Standards (LIS); Translation Memory eXchange (TMX)
GS LIS 004 Localisation Industry Standards (LIS); Global Information Management Metrics eXchange Volume (GMX-V)