Citizens' Band

Citizens' Band (CB) radio is intended primarily for personal use, usually within a light regulatory regime. Within Europe, Citizens' Band has a frequency allocation around 27 MHz.

ETSI has two standards for CB equipment, and each standard has two parts. EN 300 135 covers Angle-modulated Citizens Band radio equipment (also known as CEPT PR 27 Radio Equipment), whilst EN 300 433 deals with Double Side Band (DSB) and Single Side Band (SSB) amplitude modulated Citizen's Band radio equipment.

Part 1 of each of these documents defines the basic technical requirements of the equipment and measurement methods: they are particularly relevant to test laboratories. Part 2 of each document is the Harmonised Standard that may be used to demonstrate compliance of equipment with the requirements of the R&TTE Directive.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) requirements for CB equipment are covered by EN 301 489 part 1 and part 13.

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Standard No.Standard Title
EN 300 135 Angle-modulated Citizens Band radio equipment (CEPT PR 27 Radio Equipment); Technical characteristics and methods of measurement
EN 300 433 Land Mobile Service; Citizen's Band (CB) radio equipment
EN 301 489 part 1 and part 13 ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) standard for radio equipment and services;
Part 1: Common technical requirements Part 13: Specific conditions for Citizens' Band (CB) radio and ancillary equipment (speech and non-speech)