ETSI Work Programme

Our standards-making is based on consensus and openness. Our programme of work – the choice of what to standardize, the timing and resourcing of the task and approval of the final drafts – is all decided by our members. So the standards we produce truly respond to the needs of the industries we serve.

The pdfETSI Work Programme 2017-2018 provides an overview of our current standardization projects.


These include the development of technologies which have had a major global impact. But at the same time we are exploring the latest emerging areas to keep in step with – and even ahead of – market demand.

Our work programme is constantly evolving and the most up to date version is publicly available online via our database. It contains full details of all upcoming standards and specifications.


ETSI White Papers & Brochures

The White Papers & Brochures section of our website allows to download the following Publications:

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         ETSI 3SI Programme     Writing World Class Standards    Interoperability Best Practices

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ETSI White Papers

ETSI White Papers provide informal overviews of various technical topics related to our activity. They summarize the work that we and other organizations have been doing on each topic, as well as highlighting broader issues related to the successful deployment of the technologies and services discussed.

Please note: the White Papers do not constitute an official or agreed position of ETSI, nor of our Members. The views expressed are entirely those of the authors.

Download ETSI white papers: