ETSI algorithms

ETSI algorithms

The following is a list of algorithms developed and administered by ETSI. They may be used subject to certain conditions. Each algorithm in the list includes a link to a confidentiality and restricted usage undertaking. This outlines the conditions under which a license will be granted to use the algorithm.

Name of Algorithm Extra Information Price/
TETRA - The rules for the management of the encryption algorithms are given below:  
docxTEA1 TS 101 053-1 1,000
TEA2 (see note)
TS 101 053-2
Note: The Custodian for the TEA2 algorithm is the TCCA & not ETSI.
docxTEA3 TS 101 053-3 1,000
docxTEA4 TS 101 053-4 1,000
docxTAA1 TS 101 052 1,000


The following older algorithms have been removed from the ETSI site; for enquiries about these algorithms please contact us.

  • The DSAA (DECTTM Standard Authentication algorithm)
  • The DSC (DECTTM standard cipher)
  • TESA-7 (TE9 authentication algorithm)
  • USA-4 (UPT authentication algorithm)
  • HIPERLAN (High PERformance Local Area Network)
  • GSM-CTS (Cordial)
  • A5-GMR1 (Encryption Algorithm)

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