The DVB™ CSA3 Descrambling System will be licensed to manufacturers of decoders and their components, and to providers, designers and other entities engaged in conditional access. The DVB CSA3 Scrambling Technology will be licensed to manufacturers of scramblers, who will in turn sublicense to the purchasers of scramblers.

The agreements

To obtain a licence, please fill in a docxDVB CSA Licence Application Form and send it to us.

In addition, please sign and return the appropriate agreement:

  • The DVB CSA3 Descrambling System Licence and Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • The DVB CSA3 Scrambling Technology Licence and Non-Disclosure Agreement

(The above agreements are under revision and will be available soon)

In order to receive the confidential information you have to sign the appropriate Non-Disclosure Agreement above.

The conditions

The pdfconditions for licensing the DVB™ CSA3 algorithm include details of charges and how to pay.


A list of pdflicensees of the DVB CSA3 common descrambling algorithm is available for consultation.

For further information, please contact us.