Codes are used by the communications industry to convey information about systems and equipment. At the request of relevant companies, we assign and manage codes for various technologies:

Security codes

  • DECTTM EIC (Equipment Installer’s Code)
  • DECTTM EMC (Equipment Manufacturer Code)
  • DECTTM POC (Public Operator Code)
  • TETRATM FAC (Type Approval Code)

Public codes

  • DMR (Digital Mobile Radio)
  • TETRATM Location System Coding
  • TETRATM proprietary AT command name family
  • TETRATM FAC (Final Assembly Code)
  • TETRATM proprietary element owner
  • TETRATM SDS-TL protocol identifier

You can download a list of the public codes already assigned (select the relevant type of code in this list).

Request a code

New codes are only delivered under a Confidentiality & Restricted Usage Undertaking procedure or Provision Restricted Usage Undertaking between the Beneficiary and the Provider.

To request a code, you will need to complete the form, sign it, initial all pages and send it back to us.

IMPORTANT: Requesting the code via our online form generates a unique entry in our database which allows us to release the code. It is necessary and independent from the payment via the WEBstore and the creation of the invoice, should you choose this method of payment. 

How to pay

For each code ordered there is an administrative charge of €150.

Payment can be done with the following methods:

  • by credit card accepted by our payment service (i.e. American Express, Visa, Master Card, and CB) when the request is made online via the ETSI WEBstore (please see important note under "Request a code" above)
  • by wire transfer to the bank account as designated in ETSI's invoice within thirty (30) days after issue of said invoice by ETSI

When we receive your payment we will countersign and return one scanned copy with the code(s) by secure email.

For a faster service, we recommend the payment via our WEBstore. The invoice is then automatically created the next business day and the code(s) can be released by the team.

For further information, please contact us.