How to contribute to Standardization

ETSI has a substantial number of technical groups working on many technical specifications. Knowing where to start can be a little daunting.

To get an introduction to ETSI’s technical work areas a good place to begin would be the ETSI Technologies pages.

To discover the activities of all of ETSI's Technical Groups, look to the ETSI Committee pages.

A high level summary of ETSI's main activities for the previous year is visible in the ETSI Annual Report.

An overview of ETSI's entire work programme may also be consulted in the ETSI Work Programme

If your research organization is an ETSI member, you have the possibility of contributing to any of our existing technical groups, bring in new ideas and work alongside other ETSI members to standardize new and evolved technologies.

In addition to impacting existing work areas, it is possible for ETSI members to propose new areas of work that may be captured in new technical groups. Typically this may be done in ISGs (Industry Specification Groups), but under certain conditions and requirements it is also possible to capture new work into new Technical Committees and even Partnership Projects.

Industry Specification Groups (ISGs)

ISGs are the perfect ETSI tool for developing ‘early’ standardization work resulting from the output of research projects.

This tool has been used for many successful standards efforts on such technologies as mWT, NFV, Edge, Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR/XR, Quantum Safe, Quantum Key and many more.

An ISG may be established on the initiative of any group of, at least four (4), Full or Associate members (or applicant members) making a request to the ETSI Director-General. The streamlined ISG process can enable a group to be set up quickly (4 weeks) and deliverables may be published in only a matter of months making it the ideal mechanism for early stage standardization.

ETSI ISGs are open to both ETSI members and non-members.

Help in getting involved

Should you wish to get involved in our standards work, bring new areas of work to ETSI or simply find out more about ETSI's activities in Research & Innovation, simply check our research FAQs or send an email to research@etsi.org.