Plugtests, Interop Events

XAdES & CAdES Interoperability Tests


After the success of the first remote plugtest event, ETSI has developed the supporting Remote Plugtest Portal, which now offers on-line PKI-related services (Certificates provision, OCSP server, LDAP and Time-stamp).


The purposes of these events are:

  • To consolidate solutions to already identified interoperability issues of XAdES.
  • To enable participants to assess the level of interoperability of CAdES.
  • To identify additional issues that should be taken into account in future CAdES /XAdES standardization activities.
  • To improve the quality of XAdES/CAdES specifications.
  • To ease the introduction of XAdES/CAdES signatures, by providing the means to solve interoperability problems before widespread deployment.

The event will evaluate (X-C)AdES interoperability by focusing on all the different XAdES forms standardized in ETSI TS 101 903 and ETSI 101 733, including (X-C)AdES-BES, (X-C)AdES-EPES, (X-C)AdES-T, (X-C)AdES-C, (X-C)AdES-X Type 1, (X-C)AdES-X Type 2, (X-C)AdES-XL and (X-C)AdES-A.
Participants will also be able to generate new test case definitions and signatures, which will be taken into consideration for extending the test cases set according to ETSI’s discretion.




  • Remote XAdES plugtest - 8 - 14 September 2008
    • Registration Deadline 28 August 2008

  • Remote CAdES / XAdES plugtest 16-27 February 2009
    • Registration Deadline 6 February 2009

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